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Commission Info ~OPEN~ 5/5 Slots Available

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 13, 2011, 7:27 PM

:bulletgreen: Money Commissions OPEN
:bulletgreen: Point Commissions OPEN

:bulletpurple: To request your commission send me a PM with COMMISSION as the subject and fill out the form below

Order: (Include everything you want. ie, number of characters, background, which option you want, etc.)
Payment method:
Private: Yes or no (I'd love to post them here, but if not that's fine, and I will keep your privacy.)
Email: Optional (If it is a private commission I will need an email, so I can send you your commission. If not private. So I can send you a full-sized digital copy.)

Make sure you're as detailed as possible with what you want and give reference links if possible. I will then read through your commission, ask questions if needed, and then verify the price with you!

I will not start working until I get the full payment.

Once you've paid I will begin working. You'll get your commission in the next 1-2 weeks. I'm human you know and things come up, and if it's going to take me longer 2 weeks I will send you an or email letting you know why it'll take me longer. Once finished I will send you a digital copy through email.  

:bulletpurple: PAYMENT METHODS
Paypal  :iconpaypalplz: My paypal address is

Check or cash through mail. I will give you my address as soon as I accept your commission

Points :points: through my front page.

:bulletpurple: STYLES I DRAW IN

Anime and Manga
And I'll attempt any other style as long as you send a reference to the style.

:bulletpurple: WHAT I WON'T DRAW

:bulletred:Heavy Yaoi or Yuri
:bulletred:Hentai or ecchi
:bulletred:Anything above a PG-13 rating.


:bulletyellow: Currency is US dollars. Remember 80 DA points = 1 US dollar I made point prices half of the actual price.
:bulletyellow: I have the right to raise prices once I feel I'm not being paid for what I'm giving.
:bulletyellow: I HAVE THE RIGHT TO DECLINE ANY COMMISSION. I will never decline without a reason though. I will always tell you why I decline when I do.

:bulletred: Sketches 240 :points: $5
May chose chibi, sonic, head shot, halfbody, or fullbody!
Additional chara: 80 pts $2 each.
RL request: Heyo! by Nino-UmakaRonylin by Nino-Umaka

:bulletred: Lineart 240 :points: or $5
May chose chibi, sonic, head shot, halfbody or fullbody!
Additonal chara: 80 pts $2 each
:Line Art: Inuzuka Kiba by Nino-Umaka:Line Art: Jessica by Nino-Umaka:Line Art: Time for a Mission by Nino-Umaka:Line Art: Gaming Sam by Nino-Umaka

:bulletred: Head shot(shoulders up) 400 :points: $8
May chose chibi, sonic, or normal style!
Additional chara: 80 pts $2 each
Detailed background: 200 pts $5
Coloring Practice by Nino-UmakaLyoko Friends by Nino-UmakaWedding Gift by Nino-Umaka:SS: Oh Hey~ by Nino-Umaka

:bulletred: Chibis 400 :points: or $10
No sonic style
Additional chara: 120 pts $3 each
Detailed background: 200 pts $5
Chibi Kiba and Akamaru by Nino-Umaka:Comm: 028 by Nino-Umaka:Comm: 033 by Nino-Umaka

:bulletred: Halfbody 480 :points: or $10
May chose chibi, sonic, or normal style!
Additional chara: 120 pts $3 each
Detailed background: 200 pts $5
:Free for Watchers: Mabel Pines by Nino-Umaka:Free for Watchers: Malzahar from LoL by Nino-Umaka:Contest Entry: Chickens by Nino-Umaka

:bulletred: Sonic Fullbody 480 :points: $12
Additional chara: 160 pts $4 each
Detailed background: 240 pts $6
-Super Sonic- by Nino-UmakaAre You Ready Yet? by Nino-UmakaSonic Logo by Nino-Umaka

:bulletred: Fullbody 1200 :points: or $15-$20 Depending on Difficulty of design.
Additional chara: 200 pts $5 each
Detailed background: 400 pts $10
Sky Falling by Nino-UmakaTime for a Mission + Speed Paint by Nino-Umaka:OC: Ryan by Nino-UmakaNino and Kiba by Nino-Umaka

:bulletpurple:Speedpaint Option:
I can also record the process and make it into a speed paint as well.
80 :points: or $2.

:bulletpurple: I'll have 5 slots open.


Skin by MichelleRamey (modified by Nino-Umaka)
KitaMikichi Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013  Student General Artist
Are you open for commissions now? If so, could I have one of Sora?
Ref 1 [link]
Ref 2 [link]
Ref 3 (time-skip) [link]
KitaMikichi Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013  Student General Artist
(I sent a note, but forgot the refs! ^^'')
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