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Journal Entry: Fri Apr 18, 2014, 10:47 PM
So, I had this conversation with my roommates and I was the odd man out. So, I was wondering what you guys would think about this. 

We watched a Korean romance movie, and the guy broke up with his girlfriend. He said that he was in Hawaii and all the girls were way more beautiful than her, who is a "so-so" girl. When she met him again she physically beat him in the airport. Punching, kicking, screaming, scratching, the works. He was on the ground and protecting himself, because he wasn't holding back at all. 

To me, I wouldn't stay with the girl. At least I wouldn't forgive her as fast as he did. But my roommates said that it was completely justifiable. "He broke up with her for a stupid reason. She had all the right to beat him up as badly as she did." "She was already emotionally unstable, so there's another reason."

No. Just, no. I don't care what excuse you come up with, there's no reason to physically beat them to a pulp. 

Yeah, so there's the story. What are your thoughts on the situation. I will not judge you, I promise. I'm just curious. 


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Sick Jess is Sick. :(

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 15, 2014, 4:52 PM

Yeah, as the title says, I'm not feeling too well. I was hoping I would be feeling better by this evening, but I don't think it's going to happen. Don't worry, it's nothing too serious, just a major stomach ache. I ate too many strawberries yesterday. Shhhh.

So, I've been watching movies, and I'm running out of movies on my list of movies I've been meaning to see. So if you guys have any suggestions of movies I should watch just let me know! 

Thanks a bunch!


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I need your suggestions!

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 12, 2014, 10:23 AM

Alright, for the next for months I want to do full out pictures. As in, at least two characters per picture, backgrounds, etc. BUT, I need suggestions of who of my OCs, or which anime, tv, or movie to do, and that's what I need your suggestions for! I might do two a month, or I might just do one a month depending on how much free time I have. I have one idea, but that's not going to fill all four months.

So leave your suggestions of what you'd like to see me draw below and I'll pick the ones I like the most! 


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Is it sad....

Sun Apr 6, 2014, 5:09 PM

...that sometimes I go back and read my own comic strips and just laugh at how awkwardly awkward they are? Like that one I just posted, the Naruto one, I just start cackling when I get half way through. I don't even understand it, but at least my comics entertain myself.


:star: Say Hello to my new watchers :star:


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So excited!!!

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 28, 2014, 11:17 PM
This is another puppy update, sorry for only being able to talk about my puppy. He has been my life lately....

Anyway! Tonight is his first night being completely alone for the night. He whined for the first few minutes, but once all the lights were off he has been really good. I've only heard him roll around and get a drink or two. So I'll be able to sleep in my own room again every night, and get back to my usual night schedule again! It's a tremendous occasion! I should probably go check that he hasn't done something stupid, like get his collar stuck on his kennel door....again....

I hope I can get up when he needs to go to the bathroom during the night, and come morning. He usually doesn't need to go until 6ish. I can sleep through anything, and tonight is my night to make sure he goes when he needs to. I swear, I could sleep through WWIII, get up in the middle to go to the bathroom, and then go right back to sleep. I hardly wake up for anything. I have to have 3 different sounding alarms set just to make sure I actually wake up. It's terrible...

Anyway, that's my update! I hope you're all doing well, and you're happy!


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Journal Entry: Tue Mar 11, 2014, 9:16 PM

So, I've been having a lot of emotional breakdowns lately, and I'm pretty sure it's because I don't have something or someone to just give me hugs. So when I browsing I saw some puppies for sale for pretty cheap! I decided it was either now or never and called the guy up and luckily he two boy puppies left. I've always wanted a male dog so I was super excited! I already feel more emotionally relaxed right now even though I can't pick him up until tomorrow. 

As soon as I pick him up and bring him home I'll upload a pic! I just had to share my excitement!

UPDATE: I finally got some pictures up, but they're on my tumblr. So, if you'd like to see the pictures I promised click this link!…


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About Jess Meme

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 7, 2014, 3:37 PM
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Got from Journal-Memes

Gotta do something since I'm sitting on my couch and I'm too comfortable to move and all my roommates are gone for spring break.

Name: Jess
Birthday: Aug. 18, 1993
Height: 5'8"
Weight: At this exact moment, 148 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Race: American mutt White
Zodiac Sign: Leo

Drink?: Lemonade? Totally!!!
Smoke?: Nope.
Use Drugs?: Nope.
Cuss?: Sometimes I slip when I'm furious. ^^;
Play Any Instruments?: Piano, flute, and a little clarinet/bass clarinet, and saxophone 
Have Any Peircings?: One on each ear, but I haven't worn earrings in a few years, so I'm sure they've closed up by now.
Have Any Tattoos?: Hahaha, no.
Like To Annoy People?: Depends on the day.
Like Life?: At the moment? No....well....meh....
Wear Make-Up?: On special occasions, or when I want to dress up for the fun of it.
Dye Your Hair?: Nope. 
Scream At The top of your lungs for no reason?: Not usually. 
Get Distracted By Shiny Objects?: Not unless turtles count. :meow:
Like Pina Coladas?: Not particularly 
And Getting Caught In The Rain?: If I have and umbrella/rain coat yes. :meow:

Dependable?: Usually. 
Trustworthy?: Yeah, I guess.
Obsessive?: About turtles, TOTALLY!!!
Hyper Active?: Meh, not usually.
Happy?: Uhhh...yeah?
Content?: Most of the time.
Boring?: Definitely.  
Violent?: No?
Evil?: Hahaha! No.
Hippie-Ish?: Negatory
Shy?: If I don't know anyone, yes.
Paranoid?: Depends on the subject.
Annoying?: Oh yes.
Social?: Depends.
Religious?: Yeah.

TV Show?: TMNT!!!! 
Movie?: At the moment....Hmm....Pitch Perfect and Kung fu Panda 1&2  
Band/Singer(s)?: None really.
Song?: At the moment Pumpin' Blood by NONONO and Pompeii by Bastille 
Book/Story?: Sabriel by Garth Nix and Howls Movie Castle by Wynne Jones
Color(s)?: Blue and White 
Shape?: Circles
Animal?: Turtles/Tortoises and Dogs St. Bernard's 
Smell?: Fruity things and Lilacs
Flower?: Lilacs and Daisies 
Subject?: English and Band.
Board: ....huh? 
Musical: So far, Shrek the Musical! Hahahaha. :iconimdeadplz: I haven't seen too many musicals actually.
Sport?: Uhh.......
Word?: Totally.
Quote?: "T-M-N-T what you get is what you see!" Mikey Episode The Garbage Man and "*Clears throat* It's okay, he's the hero you deserve." Batman, The Lego Movie
Hobby?: Sleeping.
Store?: Hastings.
Season?: Spring.
Time Of Day?: Nap time. Evenings

Worst Fear?: Dying without doing anything with my life.
Life Goal?: Becoming a book editor.
Greatest Accomplishment?: Not dying?

Pepsi Or Coke?: Coke.
McDonald's Or Burger King?: Burger King. 
Converse Or Vans?: Converse.
Dogs Or Cats?: Dogs!
AIM, YIM Or MSN Messenger?: None of them?
Chicken Or Fish?: Chicken.
Black Or White?: White.
MTV Or FUSE?: Neither. :T
MP3 player, ipod or CD player?: iPod. 
Pants Or Shorts?: Both!

Day: Sunny with scattered clouds, and being able to play with a dog outside.
Room: A comfortable one. Preferably with all my books, games consoles, my t.v.s and computers.
Life: Being able to have enough money and live comfortably without worrying about being able to pay bill.
World: A nice one.
Romantic Date: Hanging out, with some food and a lot of laughs.

God?: Yes.
Heavan & Hell?: Heaven yes, Hell, in a sense.
Angels & Demons?: Angels, yeah, demons, in a sense.
Reincarnation?: Not really.
Yourself?: Hahaha, no.
Ghosts?: Yeah.
UFOs?: Aliens, yes, UFOs....hmmm....
Big Foot?: Yeah, sure.
Lockness Monster?: Yeah, whatevs.
A Thing Called Love?: Hahaha, not love at first sight. But love, yes.

Kill Someone Else?: No! I can barely kill a bug, let alone another person.
Kill Yourself?: Nonononono.
Beg For Money?: Beg, no. I can barely ask my parents for help.
Skydive?: YES! 
Bunjee Jump?: No!
Make out in the rain?: 
Run Away From Home?: Nope.
Ride A Motorcycle?: If I'm not driving yes.
Do Extreme Sports?: Nope.

Do You Own A Car?: No, but I will later this year.
Ever Been To Jail?: To deliver pizza, yes. 
Ever Gotten Kicked out?: Nope.
Do You Have A Job?: Yes.
Do You Like Taking Surveys Like This?: Meh. 

Are You Lonely?: Kinda.
Are You Sitting In A BeanBag Chair Eatin' Cheetos?: Nope. 
Do You Fee The Urge To Send Me A Thousand Dollars?: Hahaha, that's funny.
Really?: Yeah.
Do You Know Where That Comes From?: Nope. 
How Many Licks Does It Take To Get To The Center Of A Tootsie Pop?: The world may never know. 
Is That Your Final Answer?: Yes. 
Are You Sure?: Of course!
Postitive?: Duude, seriously?
Glad That This Is Over?: Yeah, whatever.

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Have you ever...

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 5, 2014, 9:42 PM

Had one of those moments where you were part of a conversation and suddenly you're just completely ignored, but if you leave the room the other two people think you're being a prat and too good for them. So you sit there like a complete loser and just wish that you could make everyone just shut up? 

...Yeah, that's my situation right now and I can't do anything about it. I WAS going to be Super Mario Bros. U with one of my roommates, but now I'm been brushed off and can't do anything at all. YAAAAY!!!! Well...yeah...I just needed to vent somewhere, and this is the only place where either of my roommates will possibly come on to. 

Sorry for been a total pain at the moment. Thanks for reading though. :icondragonhugplz:



Here is a collection of my favourite Autumn deviations. Isn't autumn beautiful?

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Hahaha, oh wow.....

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 19, 2014, 8:00 PM

So, I've just realized that I've been drawing a lot of short comics lately, but I haven't been posting them! I'll get right on that as soon as I have access to a scanner. Haha, I always want to do things when I'm out of town visiting my family. *dies* 

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy them because all these comics coming up are based on the Naruto themed RP my friend and I are doing. Just a little warning: Yes, are characters have romantic relationships/interests in canon characters. No, we do not ruin relationships that have been established in the actual series. My character, Nino, and I lost to a coin toss. That's how her relationship was established, and my friend's character, Angu, ...well, I don't really know how that came to be. Also, we are NOT huge Naruto fans anymore, it's just the easiest series for both of us to do a RP with. We haven't been huge into Naruto for about 6 years now.

We also ship NaruXSasu. Why? Because Masashi has basically established that in the series as well. It's as good as canon, is what we have decided. So, a few of the comics may touch on that or involve that. They're not really in the RP in general, so it won't be too prominent. No, we don't usually have gay ships in our RPs. Actually, we never have. We just find more drama in guyxgirl romances, and guyxguy romance, and we LOOOVE tormenting our characters. Ha!

And....yeah, that all I have to say. I hope you will enjoy them when I get them posted!


P.S. I would just like to say, Kiba, Shikamaru, Choji and Lee are my top fav characters. I just thought I would throw that our there. It might be a little bit important.

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Friend Code Anyone?

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 7, 2014, 3:53 PM

Connect With Me!

  • Town: Gardina
  • Name: Nino
  • Code: 2294-4317-3509

I've had a 3DS for almost a year now and I've realized that I have hardly anyone to play with! As you've probably noticed, I play Animal Crossing: New Leaf quite a bit and I would love people to come visit my town along with me visiting your guy's as well! 

Other games I have:
:bulletpurple: Pokemon X. I'm willing to trade pokemon if you have Y, I do it a lot! That's actually the reason I got X in the first place, all of my friend got Y. I can also battle, I have a few surprises if you battle me. :iconcreepyonionplz:

:bulletpurple: LoZ Ocarina of Time

:bulletpurple: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Rises The two player on this is actually pretty interesting.

:bulletpurple: Sticker Paper Mario. 

Games I plan on getting one day:
:bulletpurple: Mario Kart, Mario Party, Fire Emblem, LoZ: A Link Between Worlds, and many more!!!

If you have any similar games and want to add me hover over the top of this journal and my friend code, name, and animal crossing info are there. Add me and send my a note on here titled 3DS Friend Code with your friend code and name in there and I'll add you! I love playing games with people, and helping them out! I'm almost always online, so you never need to ask me to get on. 

I can't way to play games with you guys! 


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500 Question Meme!!!

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 28, 2013, 12:56 AM

~Gotten from :iconsatoutenshi:~
I needed something to do before work

001. What is your name?: Jessica
002. Spell your name backwards: Acissej
003. Date of birth: August 18, '93
004. Male or female? Female
005. Astrological sign: Leo
006. Nicknames: Jess, Jessi, Nino, Hey you!
007. Occupation?: Delivery driver. Forever sleeping in. 
008. Height: 5' 8"
009. Weight: 141 lbs. I just barely weighed myself for this question, 'cause I didn't know...
010. Hair color: Brown
011. Eye color: Blue hazel. I really mean that to. You'd understand if you saw my eyes. 
012. Where were you born?: Utah
013. Where do you reside now?: Utah
014. Age: 20 *cough* I'm getting ollllld. Not really
015. Screen names: NinoUmaka, Nino-Umaka, Nino Umaka....yeah, I'm so creative....
016. E-mail: ninoumaka@whateverbroweryoucanthinkof.
017. What does your screen name stand for?:  It's the name of my first real OC</sub>
018. What is your LJ name?: Ummm.....
019. What does your diary name stand for?: Ummm.....
020. Pets: Fish, and my parents (mom, my dad hates animals with four legs, but puts up with it) dog. Our cat died not too long ago. But, I don't live with my parents anymore, hahaha, college. 
021. Number of candles you blew out on your last birthday cake?: 18. 
022. Piercings?:  Earrings.
023. Tattoos?: Nope. If I wasn't religious I don't think I'd get one anyway, I'm a big pansy. 
024. Shoe size: 8 1/2
025. Righty or lefty?: Righty.
026. Wearing: Red t-shirt, and Sonic the Hedgehog pajama bottoms.
027. Hearing: My laptop buzz.
028. Feeling: Reluctant to go to work. 
029. Eating/drinking: Juice.

~Friends Stuff~ Which one of your friends is the....
(none of them have DA accounts, but you'll never meet them anyway, sooooo....)More than half of these would actually be me, but we're not talking about me anymore.

030. Craziest?: Kyler
031. Loudest?:  Kyler
032. Nicest?: All of thems
033. Bitchiest?: Natsu and Drake
034. Life of the party?: Kyler
035. Jock?: Skyler, Tyler, Kurt
036. Prep?: Hahaha, no.
037. Rebel?: Kyler and Zac
038. Cutest?: Tanner
039. Best friend of the same sex?: Sara and Angi
040. Best friend of the opposite sex: Marshall and Zac
041. Most popular?: Probably Marshall
042. Rudest?: Drake.
043. Most shy?: o_o I don't have any shy friends.
044. Dumbest?: OMG Taylor (female)
045. Smartest?: Marshall and Jordan
046. Weirdest?: ALL OF THEM
047. Has the best hair?: Zac
048. Best personality?: Personality doesn't really matter to me. 
049. Most talented?:  Hmm....there isn't a MOST
050. Most ghetto?: Zac
051. Most spoiled?: Nope.
052. Drama queen?: Drake.
053. Pain in the ass?: Drake.
054. Funniest?: They're all super funny.
055. Best advice giver?: Depends on the situation
056. Druggie?: Zac.
057. Most likely to join a cult?: Zac.
058. Have you lost touch with a good friend recently?:  Drake. (Why is he even in here...there's a LOOONG story behind him and I)
059. Person you've been friends with the longest?:  Angi, Natsu, Skyler, Jordan.
060. How many friends do you have on your buddy list?: I don't even want to count.

~Love/Kissing/And Other Stuff~

061. Have you ever been in love?: Yes.
062. How many people have you told "I love you":  Not counting family. 1
063. How many people have you been in love with?: Crushes, many. Loved, I'm not sure of yet.
064. How many people have you kissed?: 0
065. Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex?: Hahaha, no. Who do you think I am?
066. How many people have you dated?: Oh goodness, seriously dated 0, gone on dates with I can't even count.
067. What do you look for in a guy/girl?: I'm so picky I won't even go there.
068. What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?: Their nose....
069. What type of guy/girl do you usually go for?: I don't "go" for anyone. I don't know how to flirt to save my life.
070. Do you have a bf/gf?:  No.
071. If so where did you meet them?: .....
072. What do you like most about your bf/gf?: .....
073. Do you have a crush right now?: Yeah, yes I do.
074. If so, who is it?: I'm not going to tell you. You're going to have to guess. ;)
075. Do you believe in love at first sight?: Nope. I definitely don't.
076. Do you remember your first love?: Hahaha, yeah. That I do.
077. Who is the first person you kissed?: Remember, I haven't kissed anyone. 
078. Do you believe in fate?: No, not exactly. 
079. Do you believe in soul mates?: Kinda.
080. If so do you believe you'll ever find yours?: I have no idea.

~Family Stuff~

104. How many siblings do you have?: 2
105. What are your parents names?: Jason and Kelly
106. What are your siblings names?:  Landon and Aaron
107. How many siblings does your mother have?: 5
108. How many siblings does your father have?: 5
109. Where are your parents from?: Utah and Canda
110. Is your family close?: Dad's side is, Mom's side isn't as close as she would like.
111. Does your family get together for holidays?: Depends on the holiday.
112. Do you have a drunk uncle?: I don't think so?
113. Any medical problems run through your family?:  Yes, and I'm not too excited for it.
114. Does someone in your family wear a toupee?: I don't think so?
115. Do you have any nieces or nephews?: Nope.
116. Are your parents divorced?:  No.
117. Do you have step parents?: No.
118. Has your family ever disowned another member of your family?: Not that I know of.
120. Did some of your family come to America from another country?: Yes.

~Music Stuff~

121. What song do you swear was written about you or your life?: Depends on what time of my life you're asking about.
122. What's the most embarrasing cd you own?: I don't own any CDs at the moment.
123. What's the best cd you own?: .....
124. What song do you absolutely hate?: Oh goodness. One is, Say What You Need To Say. I cringe every time it's played. 
125. Do you sing in the shower?: Yes. Yes I do.
126. What song reminds you of that special someone?: Out of my League by Stephen Speaks.


152. Color:  Blue, all shades of it.
153. Food: Oranges
154. Song: All upbeat songs. 
155. Show: TMNT all but the '80s one. I find it particularly annoying. 
156. School subject: Band and English
157. Band/singer:  I don't really have one.
158. Animal: Turtle. Yes.
159. Outfit: Worn in jeans and a t-shirt.
160. Radio station: 94.5 VFX
161. Movie: Depends.
162. Pair of shoes: Converse
163. Cartoon: TMNT
164. Actor: ....
165. Actress: ....
166. Potato chip: Salt and Vinegar
167. Drink: Lemonade.
168. Alcoholic drink: NO.
169. Holiday: Thanksgiving. I LOVE FOOD.
170. Perfume/cologne: Anything citrus and Axe
171. Pizza topping: Olives
172. Jello flavor: Any of the red ones.
173. Lunch meat: Turkey and Ham.
174. Board game: Payday.
175. Video game: Older Sonics, almost all Zelda games and Mario Kart.
176. Website: DA, tumblr, FB and youTube
177. Book: Howl's Moving Castle, and Sabriel.
178. Computer game: the Sims.
179. Number: 3
180. Cereal: Captain Crunch
181. Comedian: At the moment, Jon Pinetti 
182. Dessert: Cheesecake
183. Disney character: The Beast
184. Clothing store: Rue 21 and Walmart.
185. Past time: Sleeping
186. Teacher: Reeder
187. Childhood toy: ummm.....
188. Carnival game/ride: Nope, I hate carnivals
189. Candy bar: Snickers and Starbursts
190. Magazine: I don't have one.
191. Salad dressing: Ranch and Caesar
192. Thing to do on the weekend: Sleep.
193. Hot drink: I don't like hot drinks.
194. Season: Spring and Autumn
195. Sport to watch: No.
196. Person to talk to online: I like face to face conversations.

~Your Bedroom/Sleeping Habits~

197. What color are your sheets?: Purple, blue, purple blue and white. Depends on if I'm visiting my parents or at my apartment.
198. What color are your bedroom walls?: Dark purple, white. Also depends.
199. Do you have posters on your wall?: At my parents house, yes.
201. Do you have a tv in your bedroom?: Yup.
202. How many pillows are on your bed?:  2 at apartment, 5+ at parents.
203. What do you normally sleep in?: Pajamas, usually game themed.
204. Describe your favorite pair of pajamas: My gamed themed ones?
205. What size bed do you have?: Twin.
206. Do you have a waterbed/bunkbed/daybed?: Nope.
207. Do you have your own phone line in your bedroom?: I have a port for one...
208. Do you listen to music while trying to fall asleep?: No, I would never fall asleep if I did.
209. Describe the last nightmare you had: I got mauled by a dog.
210. Do you sleep with stuffed animals?: Yes.
211. How many people can comfortably?: Ummm, huh?
212. Do you sleep in any unusual positions?:  Not really.
213. Do you have to share your bedroom with a sibling?: Nope.
214. Do you snore?: I haven't been told I have.
215. How about drool?: Sometimes, usually when I'm taking a nap or sleeping on my couch.
216. Do you have an alarm clock in your room?: Yes.
217. What color is the carpet in your room?:  Grayish
218. What's under your bed?: Suitcases mostly.
219. Coke/Pepsi: If I had to drink it, Coke.
220. Doughnuts/bagels: Doughnuts.
221. Day/night: Night, I'm definitely a night owl. 
222. Wicked witch of the east/wicked witch of the west: Ha.
223. Heaven/hell:  Heaven.
224. Make love/have sex: I see those as the same thing no matter how you word it.
225. Coffee/tea: Neither.
226. Hamburgers/hotdogs: Both.
227. Rap/rock: Rock.
228. Britney/Christina: Ha.
229. Swiss cheese/american cheese: I can't taste the difference between cheese, so I don't really care.
230. Real World/Road Rules: ....
231. Backstreet Boys/N*sync: Ha.
232. Silver/gold: Silver.
233. Nike/Adidas: Ha.
234. McDonalds/Taco Bell: Taco Bell. 
235. Sweet/sour: Both.
236. Punk/emo: Nope.
237. Hot/cold: Cold
238. Winter/summer: Summer.
239. Spring/fall: Spring.
240. Operas/plays: Plays.
241. Read/watch tv: Both.
242. Cd's/tapes: As long as I can hear music I don't care.
243. Dvd's/vhs: Both
244. Old/New: Both.
245. Shorts/skirts: Shorts.
246. Pink/red: Red.
247. Colored pictures/black and white photos: Depends.
248. Meat/vegetables: Meat.
249. Mexican food/chinese food: Chinese food.
250. Commercials/infomercials: Ha, no.
251. Scary movies/comedies: Comedies.
252. Bikinis/one piece bathing suits: One piece.
253. Sandals/tennis shoes: Tennis shoes
254. Dogs/cats: Dogs.
255. Unicorns/fairies: Ha.
256. Water/land: Depends.
257. Sugar/spice: Depends.
258. Black/white: White.
259. Ribbons/bows: I don't particularly..... 
260. Chicken/beef: Chicken.
261. Colored christmas lights/regular white christmas lights: Both.
262. Cars/trucks: Cars.
263. Austin Powers/James Bond: I haven't seen much of either, but James Bond, I guess.
264. Popcorn/pretzels: Popcorn.
265. Hip/hop: Ha.
266. Passionate kiss/peck: Haha.
267. WWE wrestling/ real wrestling: NO.
268. Back rub/foot massage: Hahaha, no.
269. Picture frames/photo albums:Frames.
270. Pens/pencils: Pencils.

~What Is Your Opinion Of The Following~

271. Eminem: Meh.
272. Virgins: Good, I hate how people look down on virgins just because their virgins. It's a persons choice if they want to have sex and they shouldn't be forced into having it.
273. God: Yes. 
274. The Osbournes: I like their singing?
275. Reality TV: Ewww.
276. J.Lo: ?
277. Religion: If it makes someone happy then no one should try to convince them otherwise. 
278. Emo music: No.
279. Valentine's Day: Meh.
280. Christina Aguilera's comeback: She had a comeback? 
281. Homosexuals: I will love you, but don't force your sexuality on me.
282. Abortion: Depends.
283. Inter-racial relationships: Does it matter?
284. Murder: ..
285. Death: Nooo.
286. Obesity: Do not want.
287. Pre-marital sex: ....
288. Terrorism: No.
289. Pornography: .. 
290. Fortune tellers: Meh.
291. Threesomes: ..
292. Prostitution: Wrong.
293. Politics: Not interested.
294. Country music: Some are okay. 
295. George W. Bush: Not interested.
296. Cloning: ....
297. Britney's boobs: What.
298. Gas prices in America: Should lower.

~Name Game~ What Do You Think Of When You Hear These Common Names?...

299. Jack: Goodrich
300. Tiffany: Cousin
301. Ben: Co-worker
302. Maria: Annoying co-worker
303. Jennifer: Lawrence 
304. Nicole: ?
305. Amy: Rose.
306. Adam: Eve.
307. Richard: Scott
308. Justin: Bieber.
309. Arnold: Schwarzenegger 
310. Tom: Riddle
311. Melissa: Meh.
312. Charlotte: Web.
313. Harold: I can't place it.
314. John: 
315. Joel: 
316. Vanessa:
317. Michelle: 
318. Kevin: Is a girl????
319. Brent: 
320. Jake: 
321. Billy: Aldrige
322. Sarah: Manti
323. Natalie: Perry
324. Christy: 
325. Nick: Cartoons
326. Linda: 
327. Taylor: Swift.
328. Jordan: Spindle
329. Jaime: 
330. Adrian:

~Have You Ever....~

331. Mooned anyone?: LOL, no. 0_0
332. Been on a diet?:  No.
333. Been to a foreign country?: Not exactly foreign, but yeah.
334. Broken a bone?: Yes.
335. Swallowed a tooth/cap/filling?: I think so.
336. Swear at a teacher?: Not out loud.
337. Talked to an LJ member via e-mails or instant messages?: ?
338. Got in a fight?: Yes.
339. Dated a teacher?: NO.
340. Laughed so hard you peed your pants?: Almost.
341. Thought about killing your enemy?: I the sims.
342. Gone skinny dipping?: No.
343. Met another LJ member in the flesh?: I don't know?????
344. Told a little white lie?: All the time.
345. Told a secret you swore not to tell?: Yes, so my parents who don't know the people I'm talking about.
346. Used a foreign object to masturbate?: I have never masturbated in my life....sadly I didn't even realize what the word masturbate meant until a few months ago. I knew what it was, but I somehow didn't know the word.....
347. Misused a swear word?: Yup.
348. Been on tv?:  No.
349. Been on the radio?: No 
350. Been in a mosh pit[pot]?: Yes.
351. Been to a concert?: Band/orchestra concert, yes.
352. Dated one of your best friends?: Went on a date, yes.
353. Loved someone so much it makes you cry?: .. Yes..
354. Decieved somebody close to you?: Yup.
356. Been to a rodeo?: Yes.
357. Been on a talk show?: No. 
358. Been on a game show?: No.
359. Been on an airplane?: No.
360. Got to ride on a firetruck?: No.
361. Came close to dying?: Yes.
362. Cheated on a bf/gf?: No.
363. Gave someone a piggy back ride?: Yes.
364. Terrorized a babysitter?: No.
365. Made a mud pie?: Yes.
366. Had a dream that our falling off a cliff?: Yes.
367. Snuck out of the house at night?: No.
368. Been so drunk you don't remember your name?: No. 
369. Had an eating disorder?: No.
370. Felt like you didn't belong?: Yeah. 
371. Felt like the 3rd wheel?: I don't let myself me a third wheel. I smoosh myself into the middle of the other two.
372. Smoked?: No.
373. Done drugs?: No. 
374. Stolen money from a poor person begging on the street?: No.
375. Had your tonsils removed?: Yes.
376. Gone to camp?: Yes.
377. Won a bet?: No. I always lose.
378. Written a love letter?: No.
379. Gone out of your way to be with the one you love?: Maybe?
380. Written a love poem?: No.
381. Kissed in the rain?: No.
382. Slow danced with someone you love?: No.
383. Participated in cyber sex?: No.
384. Faked an orgasm?: No.
385. Stolen a kiss?: No.
386. Asked a friend for relationship advice?: I have no idea.
387. Had a friend steal your bf/gf?: No.
388. Watched the sunset/rise with someone you love?: No. 
389. Gotten a speeding ticket?: Yes.
390. Done jail time?: No.
391. Had to wear a uniform to work?: Everyday of my life.
392. Won a trophy?: Yes.
393. Thrown up in public?: Not that I remember. 
394. Bowled a perfect game?: No.
395. Failed/got held back?: Yes.
396. Got perfect attendance in grade school?: Maybe.
397. Roasted pumpkin seeds?: Yes.
398. Taken ballet lessons?: Not ballet, but dance yes.
399. Attempted suicide?: No.
400. Cut yourself?: No.

~Childhood Stuff~

401. Did you play with Barbies?: Mom says I like toy cars more.
402. Did you own Treasure Trolls?: One I think.
403. Did you watch Beverly Hills 90210?: No.
404. Did you play Simon?: Simon says, yes.
405. Did you watch Fraggle Rock?: I don't think so.
406. Did you wet the bed?: Probably when I was little?
407. Did you believe there were monsters in your closet or under your bed?: Kinda.
408. Did you wear the underwear with the days of the week on them?: No.
409. Were you shy?:  Yes, but not much anymore.
410. Were you spoiled?: Yeah.
411. Were you abused?: Nonononono.
412. Did you go to the circus?: No.
413. Did you go to the zoo?: Yes.
414. Were you in a car accident?: Not when I was younger.
415. Did you build snowmen?: Yes.
416. Did you cry when you scraped your knee?: Yes.
417. Were your older cousins mean to you?: They teased me, like all extended family does.
418. Did you think slinkies were cool?: Yes.
419. Did you think the Ninja Turtles really lived in the sewer?: I STILL DOOOOOO. ;)
420. Were you afraid of the dark?: No.
421. Did you have slumber parties?: Yes.
422. Did you have New Kids On The Block sheets, curtains, sleeping bags, dolls and pajamas?: No.
423. Did you tease your hair out like Tiffany?: No.
424. Did you believe in the Easter Bunny/Santa Claus/ and the Tooth Fairy?: Yes.


425. Do you believe in aliens?: Yes.
426. Name 3 things that are next to your computer: TMNT wallet, Wii remotes, DVD case.
427. Do you have any hidden talents?: I can sleep for 24+ hrs straight....
428. Do you wish MTV would play music videos?: Sure?
429. If you were to star in a movie, what kind of movie would it be?: A romantic comedy. I've already decided that I'm the best friend that is the comic relief in all my friends lives. ;)
430. What would your movie star name be?: My actual name?
431. Do you play any sports?: I'm pretty good at volleyball.
432. What's the scariest movie you've ever seen?: Hahaha, ummm. I've only seen like one scary movie and it wasn't scary at all. 
433. What is the best movie you've seen in the theater or rented recently?: The last movie I've seen in the theater was The Hobbit: Desolation of Smog.
434. What is the dumbest movie you've ever seen?: OMG, Joe vs. the Volcano. My friend made me watch it with her and I have vowed to never watch it again. 
435. Do you drive?: Yes.
436. What is your dream car?: One that isn't used.
437. Do you think you're good looking?: I think I'm okay.
438. Do others think you are good looking?: I have no idea.
439. Would you ever sky dive?: YES.
440. Do you believe in Bigfoot?: Yes and no.
441. How many rooms do you have in your house?:  Like bedrooms? 4.
442. Are you afraid of roller coasters?: Depends on how old it is.
443. Do you believe in God?: Yes.
444. Do you believe in Satan?: Yeah.
445. Do you believe there is a heaven?: Yes. 
446. Do you believe there is a hell?: Ish. More like an outer darkness type thing.
447. Do you own a pool table?: A little mini one.
448. Do you have a pool?: No.
449. Do you have a dishwasher in your kitchen?: Yes.
450. Do you like chocolate?: Yes, but it makes me sick if I eat too much of it. :(
451. Who/what is on your 2011 calendar?:  My 2013 calender has pictures that I have drawn on it. My mom made it for me. ;)
452. How many U.S.?: Dude, what?
453. Ever wished on a shooting star?: Yes.
454. Best Halloween costume you ever wore?: I was a witch one year. I though I pulled it off pretty well. I was also a fairly good pirate.
455. Do you carry any weapons on you? No.
456. What is your weakness?:  Turtles.
457. Name something you can't get enough of: Turtle decorations, cheesecake, lemonade.
458. Describe yourself in 3 adjectives: Loud, insomnic, and confused.
459. How many kids do you want to have?: At the most 4. 
460. Future daughters names: Faith, Hope, Lily....yeah, I've learned that I like names that also mean other things. 
461. Future sons names:  Ryan, and Eric. I've also learned I like names with four letters.
462. What is your ideal way to die?: In my sleep.
463. How do you release stress?: I listen to music or play a video game.
464. Are you a trendy person?: Define trendy. 
465. Are you an artistic person?: Sure.
466. Are you a realistic person?: Yeah, I think I am.
467. Do you un-tie your shoes every time you take them off?: Haha, no.
468. Are you a strong person?: Emotionally or physically?
469. Are you a strong willed person?: Depends on what I need to be strong willed about.
470. Who is the last person to e-mail you?: My brother.
471. Who is the last person to IM you?: A co-worker.
472. Do you hate chain e-mails?: YEEESSS~~~
473. Are you a deep sleeper?:  Yes, yes I am.
474. Are you a good story teller?:  Depends on the story.
475. What do you believe is your best quality?: I'm a pretty good listener. A lot of people have told me that.
476. What is your greatest accomplishment?: I moved out.....
477. Do you like to burn candles or incense?: Candles.
478. Do you do yoga?: No.
479. Do you have your own credit card?: Yes. 
480. Let's say you win the lotto. What do you do with all that money?: Put it in savings.
481. Do you have a check book?: Yes.
482. Do you like your driver's license picture?: NO. I have to renew my license next year though.
484. What color is your hair naturally?: Brown.
485. How many fillings do you have?: Lots.
486. How many cavities did you have at your last dentist visit?: 0
487. Worst feeling in the world?: Feeling like I've failed someone.
488. Best feeling in the world: Sleep. 
489. Is the glass half empty or half full?: Depends.
490. Last thing you downloaded?: My Bulbasaur icon.
491. Do you catch yourself using online terms in your real life?: Depends on who I'm talking to, but not usually.
492. What do you think people think of you?: A good friend.
493. Are you a likeable person?: I would think so considering how many friends I have.
494. Do you need therapy?: No?
495. Do you take medication for a chemical imbalance?: No.
496. What the best way to be proposed to?: Hahaha, I haven't even thought about that.
497. What kind of movie would you star in?: A Rom-Com
498. If Fed Ex and UPS were to merge, would they call it Fed UP?: Hahaha
499. What are you thinking?: I should take a shower.
500. What's your favorite phrase?: Dude. No, I'm serious, I love saying dude.

And thus, I actually finish this after my work shift. I started it an hour and a half before my shift and finished it half and hour after. Yeah....

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To Do List.

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 27, 2013, 12:39 AM
More for myself to remember than anything else. 

In the order that they came in

Art Trade with Captain-Ron :bulletyellow: Started

Commissionfor OmniXVII :bulletred: Not Started

Late Chirstmas Gift for a RL friend. :bulletred: Not Started

Personal Project:bulletred::bulletred: Definitely not started

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Stolen OC Meme! :3

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 17, 2013, 2:23 AM

Stolen from :icontemiji:

1. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OCs.
2. Tag five people to do this meme!
3. Tell people that they been tagged with a link from your journal. (Well it kinda already tells you if you're tagged)

Featuring Nino!!! My oldest and dearest to my heart OC. She's my Naruto OC, no judging okay! All romantic decisions happened over a coin flip a good friend did over 4 years ago. -_-" 
She's 18. 

1. What is your name?
Nino Umaka :meow:
2. Do you know why you were named that?
....No actually. I've never really cared to asked. :T

3. Are you single or taken?
:iconblush--plz: Taken. 

4. Have any abilities or powers?
I'm able to communicate with plants, which helps me out with stealth missions. I prefer hand to hand combat over jutsus though. 

5. Stop being a Mary-sue!
:iconcuriosityplz: Umm, okay? 

6. What's your eye color?
Orange. changes to dark purple under...certain circumstances....

7. How about hair color?
Light brown. 

8. Have you any family-members?
Not anymore. They died during a battle near my home village when I was very young. My neighbor, Geno, adopted me afterwards. She's now my Granny Geno. :meow:

9. Oh? How about pets?
Well, he's not really a pet, but I do have Max. He's a wolf, and he's my best friend. We found each other when we were both really young, and have been together every since. 

10. That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.
Umm, I don't really know. I guess I don't really like cats. I find them too stuck up for their own good. 

11. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
I love reading! I find it very relaxing after long missions. 

12. Have you ever hurt anyone in anyway before?
Hahaha! Before my boyfriend and I started dating, I rejected him over and over before I learned that I liked him to. I still feel bad about it now even though it all happened three years ago. 

14. What kind of animal are you?
I would say I'm a wolf, but...that's a story for a different day. :iconsighingplz:

15. Name your worst habits?
I tend to tune people out a lot. I'm working on getting better, but it hasn't been going to well. I never mean to ignore people, but it just happens! :iconsweatdropplz:

16. Do you look up to anyone at all?
Granny Geno is my biggest role model, and what I remember about my parents I admire as well. :) There weren't many people that would let me be around them when I was younger, so I came to rely a lot on what Granny Geno told me to be. 

17. Are you Gay, Straight, or Bisexual?
Straight. I would hope that would be obvious by now. 

18. Do you go to school?
Granny Geno enrolled me for my first year, but I wasn't welcomed there, so she withdrew me. She taught me how to read and write, and I taught myself ninjutsu, genjutsu, and best as I could. As soon as I decided to travel I learned more from travelling ninja, and I observed the training grounds as I went from town to town. 

19. Ever wanna marry and have kids one day?
Yes, I would love to! But, not right now, Kiba and I are still too young! :iconimshockedplz: In a few years I hope that we are still together and decided to settle down, but you never know what's going to happen. 

20. Do you have fangirls/fanboys?
No, I don't think so. I try to stay pretty low-key in Konoha since I'm happy they have let me move-in and decided to employ me regularly. :iconukraineplz:

21. What are you most afraid of?
Losing more of my loved ones. I don't know what I would do if that happened. 

22. What do you usually wear?
A white t-shirt, with my white and red high slit skirt (my thighs are wrapped underneath) and my red shoes. My headband is usually tied around my waist when I'm not on missions. 
23. What's one food that tempts you?
I love oranges! They're not too common, but if I have to option of getting one I usually don't resist. :iconorzplz:

24: Am I annoying you?
No, not really.

25. Well, it's still not over!
I guess it can't be helped. :iconsighingplz:

26. What class are you? (low class, middle class, high class)?
Middle class. I'm not rich, but I'm not poor. I'm very comfortable. 

27. How many friends do you have?
I have many. More than I think I do a lot of the time. 

28. What are your thoughts on pie?
Depending on the kind really. I enjoy a lot of flavors of pie. 

30. Favourite drink?
Water. Yes, I'm a bit boring like that. 

31. What's your favourite place?
I like the meadow right outside of my home town. I'm quite and peaceful. Not many people visit it so I'm able to think without many interruptions 

32. Are you interested in anyone~?
Other than my boyfriend, Kiba. No, no I'm not. 

33. If you're a girl, what's your cup size? If you're a guy, how big are you?
I'm a little bigger than a C, but smaller than a D. It's really hard to find the right bra size sometime. :iconsweatdropplz:

34. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?
A lake. It's usually quite and secluded. Privacy is nice. 

35. What's your type?
??? Umm, sure?

36. Any fetishes?
No, I don't believe I have any. 

37. Seme or uke?
No. :iconihateitplz:

38. Camping or indoors?
It depends on the day. Usually I like to be outdoors.

39. Are you still wanting the quiz to end?
It is starting to drag out a bit....

40. Well, it's over! Now tag five people!
:iconbaibaiplz: Bye guys! I hope you enjoyed reading this??? I guess???

Me: Well, there we have it! Here have some old pics of Nino while I go and find something else to do! Good thing I'm drawing a picture of her for Christmas!*shot*


Beautiful in Orange by Nino-Umaka Floating by Nino-UmakaOh my gravy by Nino-Umaka

Design and CSS by Anjellyjoy
Brushes by crazy-alice
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LoZ: Ocarina of Time

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 8, 2013, 3:13 AM
So, I was being a weirdo and scrolling through my gallery and I came across this picture:
Legend of Zelda CGC by Nino-Umaka
I was staring at the top right corner, and my eyes came to settle on Ganondorf's side view. No, I don't think I looks bad, but my eyes focused on his neck hair line and something clicked. So I, Very recently, finished Ocarina of Time, and I noticed that Ganondorf has longish hair. You remember the time when Link walks in and Ganondorf is playing the organ? Yeah, he has longish hair. Did I draw longish hair? No! No I didn't! Did the reference pictures lie to me while I was drawing this. Yes! Yes they did! 

Oh well, I'm fine with it. The picture looks fine, I'm just disappointed that I couldn't get it more accurate when I was originally drawing it. I guess I wasn't observant enough. *sigh*


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Oh Goodness....

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 19, 2013, 5:00 PM
I feel like such a loser. I've been inactive for so long, and it's not because I want to. School and work had me completely swamped. So, every time I've had time off I chose to take a nap. 

So, I'll slowly be coming back by starting off fresh. If I owe you something just let me know and I'll do it as fast as I can! Except, :iconkitamikichi: I WILL get your commission done, but you WILL NOT pay me. It'll be a gift instead, to make up for the wait. 

Sorry about the absence guys!


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Lost Package

Journal Entry: Thu May 30, 2013, 5:33 PM

*Sigh* I'm starting to worry that my package was lost in the mail. It's been about a month and two weeks and it still hasn't arrived. It was originally supposed to arrive 6-14 days after I ordered it, but I moved shortly after I placed the order. I quickly put a change of address form in, so that would add about 7 days to the shipping time because it needed to be forwarded. Even then, my other package that I had ordered at the same time arrived two weeks ago. I'm pretty sure it shouldn't take THIS long to get a package. I finally contacted the seller hoping they know what has happened, and if they I really hope they'll give me a refund, especially with the shipping. The shipping cost me almost $5!

Anyway, I guess I'll see what happens.


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I'm So Sorry! + Livestream

Journal Entry: Tue May 28, 2013, 4:22 PM
To all my watchers new and old, I'm SOOOOO sorry for being inactive for the past month. School ended and I had to move to my parents house for a week before I could move into my apartment for the summer. I've also started working more hours than I had during the school year and my schedule is very inconstant, so I've been really tired everyday because my body can't adjust to my schedule. But, even after all that I'm finally in the swing of summer, so I hope to get active again and post more art! Oh! I'm also in the middle of style revision....again.....

Also! Thanks to everyone who has watched my even though I haven't been uploading anything! I really appreciate it!

To make it up to all of you I'll be having a livestream at 6 pm MST, in about 40 minutes! I need to take a shower and eat. I just got off work I'll be streaming until I get done with a majority of my to-do list! I hope to see a lot of you there!

:heart: Jess

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Finals Week.

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 23, 2013, 12:45 PM
Soon, so very soon school will be over and I can catch up on art! This week is dead week and I've been busy studying for tests! All my finals are at the end of this week and on Monday and Tuesday of next week. So as soon as Tuesday is over I'll be back drawing the prizes and other things that I owe people. Wish me luck, and I'll soon be active again!


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Journal Entry: Thu Apr 18, 2013, 10:46 PM
So, summer for me is about to start in 2 weeks! I can almost taste it! :horray:

Since summer is about to start I was planning on working a lot, but my hours were cut at work because Obamacare is about to start. So I can't work over 30 hours a week anymore. :( But, even without that I will now have more time to draw so I was thinking of opening commissions and having a summer long deal.

What do you think a good deal would be?

I was thinking:
Fully colored
Chibis $5
Fullbody $10
Additional $1 or 2 per extra character.

Suggestions, prices, good deals? Any idea will be taken into full consideration!


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Freakin' Miltank

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 18, 2013, 2:48 PM
So, as most of you might know. I bought my first Pokemon game about two weeks ago. Since school is still going I've only been able to make it to Goldenrod City. I've got to say that Whitney's Miltank is killing me! I know that my problem is that I don't have any fighting Pokemon, I can't seem to find any other problem is that most of my Pokemon are male so it keeps using attract on them! It's the most annoying thing ever....right after Hoothoot. Nothing can beat battling again a strong Hoothoot.

Anyway, off to train my Geodude. I think if I get it strong enough I could win with her. (Yes, my Geodude is female. ;) )


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