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:heart::heart::heart: I love them all!

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Commission this person if you want amazing art!
Fri Dec 26, 2014, 5:58 PM
Also, don't be afraid to make a shout out yourself! I'd love to see what you guys want to say!
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 8:15 PM
I finally put the shout out box back on my page. Let's see if I can actually use it this time!
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 8:15 PM
hey, here is random person saying MERRY XMAS to everyone :3
Sat Dec 24, 2011, 6:34 PM


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I do things in order of payment

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If you think I'm taking too long, you are free to ask how far along I am with your commission, or a refund IF I HAVEN'T ALREADY STARTED IT. I promise I'm not stealing your money/points. Real life is hard sometimes. T_T






Suggestion by :iconcaptain-ron: My OCs Tara and Sparks Progress Bar - Starting by Oceannist




I Dont Watch Back STAMP by Puff-Dahh:iconbepolite01::iconbepolite02::iconmaturity1plz::iconmaturity2plz:
:iconpunch1plz::iconpunch2plz::iconrandomcommentplz1::iconrandomcommentplz2:Sonic plushie-stamp by ILoveKnucklesShadowChina stamp by Naru-NisaHetalia - China Stamp - Fear the Hello Kitty by Maru-shacanada stamp by Floryblue12Keep Calm and Notice Canada by ChokorettoMilkuBrago Stamp by Nemo-TV-ChampionKiyomaro Takamine Stamp by Nemo-TV-ChampionDr. Riddles Stamp by Nemo-TV-ChampionAzumanga Daioh by popstckAzumanga Daioh Osaka by Melodious-Museazumanga daioh   AN Stamp by xnekomataxYukari's Driving by Melodious-MuseAzumanga Chase by Melodious-MuseOsaka Stamp by NateFox



~Tagged~ OC Theme Meme

Journal Entry: Sun May 24, 2015, 5:52 PM

Tagged by :iconkitamikichi: Oh so many months ago.

  1. You must have the songs you have picked for all your OC's as your true Theme song. 
  2. Tag as many people as you please
  3. Have Fun doing it. 

So, I'm posting the themes for the OCs that I actually have themes for. I'm a lover of instrumental/orchestrated music, so that's what most of my themes are. ^^; I like to be able to hear the songs playing in the background when my character is on the 'screen' per say. So, some will be like those, and others will portray their personality. Some might have both. I'll put a small explanation for why I picked the songs I did.

Also, I don't have very good solo pictures or recent pictures of a lot of my OCs. So I apologize for the outdatedness....or no picture at all.... I hope to get better pictures one day, but we'll see when that happens. I tried to separate them by what story they're in....but it kinda just ended up me putting them in when I remembered/found their themes.

Enough rambling, onto the songs!

:bulletblue: Ryan :OC: Chibi Ryan by Nino-Umaka Ryan is a very cheerful and energetic person, but he has his moments of stepping back being a bit sullen and serious which I feel this song has a good mix of. Plus when ever I hear this song Ryan just pops into my head, so.....


:bulletblue: Gil Sky Falling by Nino-Umaka (The blond one.) Gil is a lot more reserved than Ryan, and is very, veryvery, VERY protective of his loved ones. Choosing to keep most of his feelings under check rather than let them out there's no going back. Also, he's an accident magnet. So I always imagine him having very calm themes that also have a slight sense of urgency with them. Do you know how hard that is to find though? But both of these always pops Gil into my mind, so here they are!  

Gil's joke theme. Don't even ask. --->


:bulletblue: Sparks No at all. I can't find one anywhere that I don't need to scan in. He's my baby that's been orphaned, has lived on an island his whole life and can control the weather. He has a lot of secrets that he doesn't give out, but when he meets Ryan and Gil he knows he has his chance to go and set things straight.


:bulletblue: Nino Time for a Mission + Speed Paint by Nino-Umaka   I discovered this song yesterday during DizzyAlyx's stream and it just fit her perfectly.  


:bulletblue: Nex Chibi Nex by Nino-Umaka What? by Nino-UmakaHis design has changed since this, but oh well. Being the Guardian of the Underworld/Death's apprentice is a tough life. Especially since he forced you into it...well you sorta bargained for your sister's life. It's the same thing, right? I always hear the song when I in vision him in the middle of doing his 'job'. 


:bulletblue: Oscar Oscar by Nino-UmakaI don't really have a good picture for him. He's my little un-dead, cursed and brought back to life by an evil sea witch. He was impaled to death and stitched back together and now looks like a zombie, baby. He works as the announcer and an attraction at an after dark Nightmare and Freak Show. He'll get two themes, but I could only decide on one that goes with him while he's on the job.


:bulletblue: Lucy Lucy the Hiker by Nino-UmakaHere she is, but in modern clothing. She is Oscar's very alive sister that was kinda the reason Oscar died to begin with. It was an accident! But she works with the before dark circus for families and fun. She's the announcer and an attraction as well. She's bubbly and full of cheer and will do anything to try and get Oscar the way he was before. She works at the circus so she can stay near him.


I may add more when I think of them...and I may actually had good references of my OCs one day. We'll see. 


Design and CSS by Anjellyjoy
Brushes by crazy-alice
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Line Art Commissions
:Line Art: Time for a Mission by Nino-Umaka
:Gift: Tao by Nino-Umaka
:Line Art: We are a Team! by Nino-Umaka
:Line Art: 8 Years by Nino-Umaka
Line art commissions can either be full body, bust, half body, etc. 
Bust Commissions
Lyoko Friends by Nino-Umaka
Wedding Gift by Nino-Umaka
:SS: Oh Hey~ by Nino-Umaka
:Practice: Kiba and Akamaru by Nino-Umaka
Bust commissions can only be humanoid characters. 
Chibi Comissions
Chibi Kiba and Akamaru by Nino-Umaka
:Comm: 033 by Nino-Umaka
:Comm: 028 by Nino-Umaka
Full body chibi commissions! Fully colored!
Half Body Commissions
:Free for Watchers: Malzahar from LoL by Nino-Umaka
:Free for Watchers: Mabel Pines by Nino-Umaka
:Contest Entry: Chickens by Nino-Umaka
Half body commission can only be of humanoid creatures. 
Sonic Style Commissions
One Hour Sonic 02 by Nino-Umaka
Sonic Halloween 2012 by Nino-Umaka
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 : Final Boss by Nino-Umaka
This is the only way you can order Sonic Style commissions. They can be head shots, busts, half body and full body. 
Full Body Commissions
Nino and Kiba by Nino-Umaka
Time for a Mission + Speed Paint by Nino-Umaka
Hatsune Miku by Nino-Umaka
We are a Team! by Nino-Umaka
8 Years by Nino-Umaka
Full body commission can only be of humanoid characters.


Nino-Umaka has started a donation pool!
836 / 5,000
Please pay for all point commission here!

I would love to throw contests, and have giveaways! So, if you would like to be a part of those, just drop a point or two. It would be much appreciated!

Actual balance: 78

:star::star: FULL COMMISSION INFO --->… :star::star:

I :heart: you all!

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For the stream on 04/18, what should we do? 

6 deviants said A little bit of both!
1 deviant said Art!
No deviants said Games!
No deviants said Other. *Comment*


A Few Things About Me!

Below there are a few basic things about me! Please read through if you feel like!

(Nino, or Jess)
About me
Name : Jessica
Gender : Female
Age : 21
Location : Utah, USA
Social Status: 100% Weeaboo trash.

:bulletgreen: Likes :
A few Animes (Ask if you're curious about which ones!)
Comics and Manga
Video Games

:bulletpink: LOVES :
TMNT (Cartoons and moves), LoZ, and Old Sonic the Hedgehog games
The color Blue
My family
The Bulbasaur evolution chain. (Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venasaur)
Cute things

:bulletred: Dislikes :
Racists and Sexists. Male and Female, if you're a jerk, I'll automatically hate you, but I won't say anything out loud.
Tree Nuts (I'm allergic)
Overly Hot and Cold weather

:bulletblue: I am :
Have weirdly colored eyes.
A nerd in a good looking girl disguise. I know from experience. I promise. Too many people have told me this for me to make it up.
Friend-zoned.....a lot.
The only girl out of my siblings.

:bulletorange: I am NOT :
Outgoing in public
An only child
Cold hearted
Very crafty. Like with paper crafts, sewing and stuff.

:bulletgreen: My favorite :
Animal : Turtles
Colour : Blue
Subject to study : English and Music
Musical genre : Anything upbeat and happy.

:bulletred: My LEAST favorite :
Animal : Bugs. Especially arachnids.
Colour : Brown and Black
Subject to study : Math
Musical genre : Hard Rap and Metal

- - -

If there's anything else you want to know about me, feel free to ask questions. I love answering them.


:iconepicshadowdragon: :iconzerotruemark: :icondizzyalyx: :iconalwaysronnie: :iconomnixvii: :iconthesimsaddict666: :iconkitamikichi: :iconlittellionbigroar: :iconazziela: :iconlachersensen: :iconcherry-yukai: :iconzacefron6324: :iconartypants1017: :iconprincesszelda1017: :iconsong-of-shadows: :iconcaptain-ron: :iconedwinluvr: :iconzendrion:

Who comes from where?

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Hey Nino! Your art is looking good :D I need to draw some more now that I'm not in school :O
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Yessss, you definitely need to draw some more! I need to see more Ronnie art in my feed~ Thanks btw...I'm trying...I just don't know where my style is anymore, so I get a bit frustrated with my art more often than not lately.
slayferx Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2015
your works reflects the dedication and beauty of the artist
Nino-Umaka Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! :icondragonhugplz:
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you're welcome :iconohyoublushplz: 
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